Tripadvisor – a special curse, or misunderstood marketing tool.

At the Battle of Ulundi Memorial have all had that moment when that first negative review appears on whatever booking site you and your establishment may find itself.  We at History’s Walk B&B were negatively reviewed in 2009 by an American visitor and his girlfriend, who both were a special problem. And on TripAdvisor, no less. If you look at   conversations on Linked-in in this regard, you will find that there is a special kind of traveler in this regard who will write anything, or threaten to write anything on Tripadvisor, to get what they want. Blackmail, in case you did not understand.

We have been victims of two such malicious reviews, both of them scurrilous elaborations of the real story, and the last review simply false, from a false profile. The Love family from Belfast, Northern Ireland, wrote me and my tours right down the middle, and for that we thank them. The last review was written by someone who posed as a Pretoria businessman, who knew stuff about me only local people and fellow tour guides could have known, which makes me think…Professional Jealousy must be a bitch, you bastard. I know who you are, and we will wait for karma to settle your hash..

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