Touring the KZN battlefields – A Happy Little B&B In Dundee

We were pottering about the house when Dons and Eurika phoned us from Blood River Museum. An older German couple showed up there, and they were looking for a place to stay in Dundee. I spoke to the man, and gave him directions over the phone to reach my house in Dundee. A few hours later, they showed up, and what a pleasure they were….!!!!!

Very traditional Germans, very polite, and when they found out that I coul speak “ein bisschen Strassendeutsch” they opened up. For people like these, I will gladly keep this B&B going. This is what they wrote in my log:

“Spaet am Abend noc haben wir unangegemeldet Deiner rettenden Hafen erreicht. Herrlich wie die Baeren geschlafen….!!! Dein Schoenes Quartier in vollen Zoegen genossen. Danke dir lieber Johann fuer die freundliche Aufname..!! Wenn wir wieder mal in der Naehe sind werdern wir selbstverstaendlich wieder bei Dir vorbei kommen…”

Wolfgang und Marlies Feuch aus Weisweil bei Freiburg, Deutschland..

I think my old mother would have been proud of me…..

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