Touring the KZN battlefields – A Happy Little B&B in Dundee Part Six

Young Brahman cow that fell into the school’s pool on a very hot day.

A cool and fresh Sunday afternoon today. I have done two tours so far this year. The business is down, the weather is insane, and the beasts are doing funny things. My colleagues are very intent on assuring me that they are busy, going out every day, but I do not believe them.

The lodge guides out there are busy, but all their clients are touring, every day, so it does not mean anything. We are currently working on completing our artwork for the mugs. The B&B is happy, getting a regular turnover of guests, but they are all local. The tourists are either scared, or they are not here.

The intense heat of the previous days had been broken by some good rain. I am thinking of going on a photo shoot again. Have some writing to do for the newspaper. Michele is insanely busy. The day has been blessedly peaceful, quiet and full of promise, as only we can have it here. No smog, no sirens, no bikes, no noise. Just the birds. Bliss.

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