Touring the KZN battlefields – A happy little B&B in Dundee Part Two

What is a B&B…? It stands for Bed and Breakfast, by the way. Its when a private individual, like me, makes part of his house available for paying guests. These guests then share a few rooms and other facilities, like bathrooms and showers, and some other luxuries, like Internet connections or laundry. This all happens in the owner’s house. Yes, that is right. The owner is right in there, living with you. In some cases you will probably even share his breakfast table with the permanent inhabitants of the house.

It is not that difficult to understand. A B&B is not a 24 hour establishment, as they do not have night staff, and most of them, History’s Walk included do not take new bookings after 21:00 hours. That is nine o’clock at night.  We are not a hotel. We do not function like a hotel. That means that there are NO night staff. We are a small facility, and we cater for people that do not really want to go stay in a hotel. If you arrive at my door at midnight, I will not let you in. I will definitely be asleep at that time.

Apart from all that, I will treat you like a king, show you around, help you with touring, and all that kind of thing.  My clients usually phone or email me. I have several regular battlefield clients, and we keep in touch.

Happy travelling….!!!!

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