Touring the Kwazulu-Natal battlefields…

Yep, that is it. The battlefields. We have about 68 of them around the eclectic little town of Dundee, nestled among the Biggarsberg mountains of Northern KZN. This particular winter of 2011 is rather nippy, with the chance of snow in the air, which does not really make for good battlefield touring. Why not….????

‘Cos it’s cold. Very bloody cold, and now with the occasional rainstorm as well. What is this weather coming to..? The roads to most of the sites are a particular adventure when it is wet, which is one of the reason experienced guides do not really like to take clients in with the odd rental VW Polo jobbie. Not a good idea.

In winter you can be met with a balmy, crisp day, or a howling gale. It all depends on the gods of war. A trip to Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift can be a fascinating day in the realm of military history, but if the history, and brave deeds of yesteryear are not really your forte, it might be a good idea not to do it.

This is not a visit to the fun fair or a trip to the mall. If that is what you are expecting, you are going to be disappointed.  At History’s Walk we aim to make the history come alive, and if the smell of gunsmoke is not your cup of tea, carry on past the N11 to Durban and Umhlanga Rocks….(I heard tell there is a nude beach down there somewhere…)


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