Touring the Kwazulu-Natal Battlefields – A Happy Little B&B in Dundee Part 7

Well, it had to come. We were dumbstruck by a collossal increase in the fuel price of over 60 cents per litre last week. This now means that I have to fork out almost a thousand bucks to fill up my car. The rumour taking the rounds now, is that we are looking at R15 a litre around June/July. So what, some of you may ask…????

This means that my clients are now going to have to fork out ZAR1800.00 a day, if they want to go on tour with me and my car. The Condor is at best a thirsty beast, but it has a powerful engine and the necessay ground clearance to negotiate the rather partisan provincial roads of KZN….!!! That is, if you do not want to batter your rental jobbie (and your deposit….!!!!) to death among the ruts and holes of Zululand.

I can hear my current patrons clenching their jaws. We will see what my foreign clients have to say, but there it is people, an unfortunate and sad reality. Fuel is more expensive than malt here now..

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