The year of 2017 – a sign of things to come…??

Ian Knight and I, at the Rorke's Drift battlefield.

The famed English writer, Ian Knight, on one of his regular tours to South Africa. He leads a comprehensive tour every year.

Our own year at History’s walk started out as demurely as the one before, and the one after that. January did produce a couple of interesting one, and then Isibindi Eco-Lodge stepped up to the plate.

N5, near Clarence.

Soon we were doing battlefield tours for them almost every day, in February of this year. March slowed down a tad, and then it kicked off again, in April. May to July was equally busy. Our first school tour, for Northcliff, came in in August, and was the three most interesting days on tour in the battlefields, so far. Grade 10 schoolkids, with the concomitant anthropological exercise in human behaviour, especially if some of them thought that others were looking at them. Teenage hormones……sigh.

In september we are touring with the British Army again. Can’t wait.

See you out there.


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