The Blood River Museum and site

At the site of the laager

I have four maternal ancestors who fought in this battle. It was an epic, tragic struggle that in all probability should never have taken place, had it not been for the treachery of the Zulu King, Dingane.

The Blood River museum is currently managed by Dons and Eurika Grobler. These two people are responsible for a number of changes , and a more hospitable reception you will not see anywhere. Any tour guide and his or her party can be assured of at least a cup of coffee and a quick bite, if required. You can contact them at cell phone number +27729677235

I was worried about Blood River. The museum was getting irrelevant as far as inclusion on the local battlefields scene was concerned, but Dons and Eurika changed all that. Let us hope that Pretoria will support them to the extent that they deserve.


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