So, you want to do a Battlefield Tour…? here’s a few thoughts.

Battlefield tour Rorke's Drift, Johann Hamman, Anglo-Zulu WarSo, you want to do a battlefield tour in the far-off wastelands of the ancient Zulu Kingdom, do you….? Here is a pointer or two:

I am a specialist military history guide, and I do battlefield tours. I am known to do battlefield analyses as well. I have taken clients from practically all four corners of the globe to the most well-known of all our sites, especially the iconic Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift.

I am NOT a mall guide or a nature guide, although I am qualified in nature guiding. I do not do nature or cultural tours. Visits to Durban or the beach are also, sort of, not on the roster. First of all, it is a good idea to find at least two nights accommodation in Dundee. (See Dundee is my base of operation, and I do all my tours from here. Driving in from Durban, Ballito Bay, Umhlanga Rocks, Kosi Bay, or all other various spots at the coast means that you will have to do travelling of up to 600 km per day before we even start the tour. (Travel agents, please take note here.)

There are two ways of doing a tour with me. Both are optional, which means it will be your own choice which one you take, and I will not order you to take an option.

Option One: The Hop-on Tour

This means exactly that. I hop on in the client(s)’ vehicle, with him/her doing all the driving, and I the guiding. This option will cost you ZAR 1800.00 at this point in time, and applies to every tour I have in my repertoire. It is a day fee, and not a fee per person. I like this option, but, as I have said, it is optional.

Option Two: Using my vehicle

012This option is somewhat more expensive, as I use my vehicle here for the tour. See the page to tour rates for options here. The Condor (see picture) can seat seven (7) persons, but I prefer to take a maximum of five people. This is more comfortable.

This option can also be combined with client vehicles, but the premium fee for my vehicle will remain in place for the day.

I am a military historian by trade, training and inclination. I am an ambassador for my history, and I will gladly teach you yours, if you do not know it. I am happy with lively discussions, and the more I can “bounce” off my clients, the more interesting our day will become.

You will be liable for any incidental costs during the day, like your refreshments, water, cool drinks, or lunch, for that matter, as well as entry fees where applicable, if I did not quote you for it beforehand. Please see the rates page on this web site. I will email you basic information upon first contact, and your itinerary for the day is up to you.

I like to see myself as a dynamic thinker and historian. I will entertain honest inquiries from anybody by all means. Please acquaint yourself with our cancellation policy, as we will not refund last-minute cancellations without good reason, or non-arrivals.


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