My reading list…..

My reading list (so far…..)

1. Boer Wars 1815-1902

Farwell, Byron, The Great Boer War, , MacKays of Chatham,  Chatham, Kent, Wordsworth 1999 Edition

Crisp, Robert, The Outlanders: The story of the men who made Johannesburg, Mayflower Books Ltd., 1074, St. Albans.

Pakenham, Thomas, The Boer War, Jonathan Ball Publishers, Johannesburg, 1979.

Kruger, Rayne, Goodbye Dolly Gray, Galago Publishing (Pty) Ltd., Alberton, 2008.

Spies, S. B., Methods of Barbarism: Roberts, Kitchener and Civilians in the Boer Republics: January 1900 – May 1902., Jonathan Ball Publishers, Cape Town, 1977.

Barthorp, Michael, Slogging over Africa: The Boer Wars 1815 – 1902, Jonathan Ball Publishers, Johannesburg, 2002.

Emslie, T. S., (ed.) The Deneys Reitz Trilogy: Adrift on the Open Veldt; The Anglo – Boer War and its Aftermath 1899-1943, Stormberg Publishers, Cape Town, 2011.

Wessels, Elria, They fought on foreign soil, Anglo-Boer War Museum, Bloemfontein, 2001.

Kestell, J.D., Met die Boerekommando’s, vertaal deur D.P.M. Botes, Protea Boekhuis, Menlopark, 1999.

Crisp, Robert, The Outlanders. The Story of the Men who made Johannesburg, Mayflower Books LTD., Frogmore, St. Albans, 1974.

Atwood, Rodney, Roberts & Kitchener in South Africa, 1900-1902, Pen and Sword MILITARY, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, 2011.


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