A Quiet Morning among the Coronation Pines….

The images just would not come together. The laptop has a mind of its own, with the glare from the windows its accomplice. I wonder at the stubborn refusal of Windows Live Mail to to respond to my ill-tempered will this morning. My emails are not coming in, and there is a nervous energy emanating from the park across the street.  A Zulu taxi sits under the pines, a nerve-wrackingly sad wail escaping from it. The music is haunting, annoying, somewhat frightening. It reminds me of my youth. We called it kwaza-kwaza…..the same tune and note over and over again, unstoppable, until it crashes against the insides of your sanity. There remains work to be done.

The world is at peace with itself and my fraying nerves. I need to close the window, otherwise I will never get my transfer images done. The music has transformed itself to an angry shouting. My world is busy….

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