A house called History’s Walk

History's Walk, from the main gate Johann Hamman Battlefield Tours Kwazulu Natal DundeeHistory’s Walk is the original Whitfield House, which had been built in the Colonial Bungalow-style architecture that is prevalent of many of these old houses in Dundee. This house had been slowly and patiently renovated by Johann and Michele. It will always remain a work in progress, like a never – ending labour of love. The house is no longer a bed and breakfast, as it had been closed over four years ago.

This house had been a joint effort with our late parents, Piet and Petra, from Swakopmund, and Marie, from Kroonstad. Their help and input had been a huge inspiration, and this would not have been possible without them. Michele also put in a herculean effort, and at this point we are renovating the house again, mainly the roof.

Our large garden and bird life is a constant source of joy, and our famous Stoep had seen many personalities, with many a discussion and good harmony to be had.¬† We are situated at 110 McKenzie Street, in the historic old town of Dundee, in Kwazulu-Natal. Michele’s splendid ceramic art and textile studio, Bahia Art, is situated at the back of the premises.

Johann is the resident Natal provincial battlefield guide of History’s Walk and also finds himself as on site¬†maintenance engineer, plumber, wordsmith, mechanic and the only staff member of History’s Walk..!


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